Be apart of the Digital Leaders first annual summit as it begins to take shape ...

Digital Leaders first annual summit focuses on the highly topical area of smart data and it’s use to accelerate game changing intervention in health, education and the economy.

The summit will be of particular interest if you are:

  • Working in healthcare / social care, particularly at a senior decision making level, as this summit will showcase some of the possibilities of utilising smart data to improve service delivery.
  • Leading your councils transformation agenda in the face of challenging  austerity cuts and want to better understand how smart data can contribute to improving service delivery to your citizens and businesses
  • A technology supplier that’s already delivering impactful intervention through the use of smart data .
  • Working in education and interested in understanding how smart data can help enable graduates to improve their their skills, accurately predict employment trends and better inform a more responsive curriculum that matches industry needs
  • Work in the private, public, third or academic sector have a strong interest in one or all of the three topics

The Summit provides a unique opportunity to hear case studies from a range of 'digital leaders and innovators’ working in the field of smart data. The event also presents attendees with the perfect networking and collaboration environment to stimulate innovative ideas and business opportunities.