Smart Data

Improving Intervention in Health, Education, and the Economy

Over the last two and a half years, Digital Leaders North East (DLNE) has delivered 25 high level discussion events (salons) in the region. These salons have addressed a diverse range of topics spanning the public, private, academic, and third sectors. Attendees have tackled digital  transformation of services, discussed how digital generates greater adoption, and confronted the challenges of digital inclusion among service users. 

Following on from this success, DLNE will be hosting its first Annual Summit in November 2016. The Summit will focus on Smart Data and its capacity to drive better intervention in some of the most challenging areas faced by academia, commercial businesses and local government. 

With the exponential growth in data year on year, especially in health, education and the economy, the Summit will address some key questions:

  1. How can we use smart data, in real time, to inform decisions and drive better outcomes for patients, students and commercial organisations?
  2.  What roles do the private and academic sectors play in helping to stimulate innovative data solutions? 
  3. Given the immense strain on both national and local government resources, how can the public sector adopt and transform the way it serves its citizens and the business community? 

During the Summit, DLNE will bring together leading experts from national and local government, health, education, academia, and the private sector. They will all share their experiences of digital data transformation, their perspectives on the need for change, and their visions for the future of Smart Data.

North east summit

10th November 2016

The Core, Newcastle upon Tyne

Start time: 8.45am 

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